Geena Massaro – Destroyer

Untitled (Black Flowers) 36_x36_
Untitled (Burn) 48_x48_

8.5 - 9.2.22

Open sky
The endless mind
Clouds are giggling
Wheels are spinning
Hands are moving
Ground will dry and crack and break
Sky will burn itself to sleep
The wildly dancing destroyer
Sets flower to gape, wrought and rot

Colors spit and spill their deflated skins
And seep
Stain where they land
Lay, discarded
Until picked up by the wind
and fed to the mouth of the destroyer

Water will make ruin
the forms built from the sand
and be pulled by
the hands of the destroyer

The sun will burn and collapse in a frying haze
to be cradled in the lap of the destroyer

Trees will crack at her wild dance
and be bound to
the bones of the destroyer

With stones in her dress and fire
in her throat

She will shake and sing
Sparks and embers

to erupt from her eyes and
all shall know

the gaze of the destroyer

Intent and careless
Reckless and deliberate
She is the mud in the dirt
Waters in the cloud

Who else’s tears could
make ruin of men
In pain and delight

She moves her teeth to
Eat the skin
Of the one who
Ate the skin of
The one who
Ate the grass
The grain
All drank the water, just the same
Where she drools, cries and melts
The pool
Her body

Bones bowels and breath

She is mother and she is death
The perfume
and wilt of the flower

Untitled (Blue) 36_x36_
Untitled (Pink)
Untitled (Soft Green) 48_x24_
Untitled (Yellow)2
Untitled (Yellow and Blue)